Friday, September 9, 2011

Create the perfect itinerary with Map Your Adventure!

On Sunday I released my second ebook called Map Your Adventure! :-) It's about how to create a successful itinerary for Southeast Asia and/or India. The idea is very simple, broken into seven steps which is easy for anyone to follow. The eBook contains 76 pages and over 50 different itineraries with different time frames.

On top of this, there's a chapter that covers how to travel around in Southeast Asia and India. The point here is to give you the heads up on the means of transport. Thailand for example is a country with good infrastructure, so traveling from A to B is more efficient and easier. That also means that you will have minimal problems backpacking around Thailand. 

I've been writing on this ebook for a long time. Frankly I had breakdowns once in a while since creating a GOOD itinerary isn't always easy.

But since my goal was to create realistic itineraries, I poured everything I had in me into these route planners. I've even added recommended days to stay at each destination, to make it even easier to create an itinerary.

Price: $ 9.95

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I also offer country or region booklets for my readers. You don't need to buy the whole book if you're just interested in a particular country. For now, I've created booklets for Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia and India. I chose Thailand, Malaysia and India since these are typically visited countries in Asia (and also good hits on Mother Google).

Price: $ 7.95 or $ 3.95

Map Your Adventure Booklets

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