Monday, January 7, 2013

THE Backpacker Quiz

For fun, I just created a quiz for all you backpackers in Asia :-) Anything from geography to culture.

Take the quiz now


Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Plan for Backpacking Tips

2013 - here we come!!!

So, what's the plan for Backpacking Tips Asia?

NEW articles:

  • Events list for January, February, March, April, October, November and December (a page containing events in Asian countries for each month, so you can have full control over what's happening. Maybe traveling in April won't be so bad? :-))
  • Create a packing list for India
  • Cantonese culture
  • Vietnamese culture
  • Eco-friendly travel!!! :-)
  • Reviews of different travel products, like PacSafe's MeshSafe and packing cubes
  • A new page about tours in Angkor park and Siem Reap
And the largest project I'm looking forward to finishing is the "Traveling Alone for Female Travelers" eBook! :-)

You're maybe wondering... any new travel in 2013?
I am going to travel this year, but not to Asia this time. I just booked tickets to Italy, leaving in June. 

2014 will be the year I return to Asia, but I don't want to blow the whistle yet. It's still in the planning process :-) But it does include a new country, that's all I can say ;-)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Freaking out a bit, turning 30 in a couple of days!!!

So, how do I do this?

I'm just going to rant and please don't take anything personal in this post.

I love the 20s and on Thursday I won't be in my 20s anymore. I'm turning 30. To me, that's a lot to handle because I feel like I'm not completely satisfied with what I've accomplished during my 20s. Things I SHOULD have done while in my 20s and not in my 30s. But then again, who is 100% satisfied? Are you satisfied?

Even though I don't want to, I still feel the panic. I wouldn't call it a crisis, but a mild panic attack. On second thought, S***, maybe I'm going through a crisis.

Does this sound familiar?

Yeah, thought so.

To me it basically means; do what you love now and not later, because later might be too late.

I'm not implying that my 30s will be the death of my plans. But we do live in a society that indirectly requires some progress in our lives. School - graduation - maybe travel a little - get a steady job - buy your own place - meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect- get married - kids.

The strength lies in doing what you want in the order you want, despite of what society is about. 

I still don't know what to do in life (even if I should know by now).

But one thing is for sure; I have to face my 30s.
I just need to decide that the 30s are going to be the best :-)

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fully booked rooms on Christmas and New Year?

... If you haven't already booked rooms for the holidays, you should do it now.

The islands in SE Asia are where most travelers want to spend Christmas and celebrate New Year. Ko Phi Phi, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, Koh Chang - you name it, there's going to be a lot of action on these islands, which means fully booked rooms.

The popular bungalows and guesthouses will get booked first, then comes the less popular alternatives. If you're hoping for a beach-front bungalow, I think it's a little too late too book now... Beach-front bungalows are VERY popular and are booked several months ahead, whether we're talking about beach-front bungalows in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or India.

Here are some personal reviews of guesthouses on Ko Phi Phi, along with other suggestions to where to sleep. And remember; rooms on Phi Phi and other islands in Thailand are more expensive than rooms on mainland. Rooms at say, 800 THB are cheap in 'Phi-Phi'-sense.

Welcome to Phi Phi Island Accommodation


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chaco, Chaco, Chaco!

What's your favorite sandals? Teva? Chacos? Birkenstock?

I've been contemplating on buying new sandals. I love my Teva's, but I'm also ready to try something new. My sister who's still researching for her trip to South America came over Chaco's. They're the prettier version of Teva's, but still very comfortable and you can count on strong durability. You can use Chaco's for almost any outdoor activity.

I want this pair! :-)


Itinerary guide has been updated!

I've been doing a lot of research on Indonesia lately (maybe because I have a plan of visiting the country - who knows?)

Indonesia is so fascinating in many ways; it offers anything from beaches to volcano trekking. My dream is to explore the islands of Sulawesi and Flores, and hit the beaches on Lombok and Bali :-) Komodo island is definitely on my list and visiting Mt. Kelimutu. Tana Toraja should be on YOUR list if you're visiting Indonesia. Tana Toraja is infamous for its unique funeral ceremonies and traditions.

Anyways, our itinerary guide called Map Your Adventure has been updated with much more focus on Indonesia.

Visit Map Your Adventure - the best itinerary guide for SE Asia and India


Friday, October 5, 2012

Ebooks have been updated!

I have three ebooks and two of them have been updated. For Ticket to Safe Backpacking I've added 'new' scams in Southeast Asia, travel safety regarding transportation and much more. This is part of the deal:

You get the free updates sent to your email. I update the ebooks annually, so the next update will be due in the summer of 2013.

Check out Ticket to Safe Backpacking EBOOK

The other one is Asia Planners FAQ which is basically a collection of answers and questions about itineraries and itinerary making. I've added 6-7 new posts to the ebook, can't remember exactly right now. My eyes are heavy.

See Asia Planners FAQ

Amanda :-)