Sunday, March 7, 2010

Researching for new articles....

Hey, hey!

I'm finally using my knowledge for something good. These days I've been working on articles about travel safety, crime and terrorism.

It's a HUGE project, and it's going to take some time -- but it will be good! :-)

Every traveler has their worries, whether if the travel destination is safe or if they will have enough money for the trip.

Now, SAFETY is of course a large issue when traveling, and I get regular e-mails about "How safe is it there?" "My mom is worried since I'm traveling to Asia, what should I say to her?" and etc etc.

To ease the pain for YOU, as my reader, and your family (who probably won't stop worrying even if they're going to read the articles, but at least you will get the hard facts about reality), I'm doing the dirty work for you ;-)

The themes of the articles will be anything from petty crime (theft, robbery) to larger issues like terrorism, trafficking, local conflicts etc.

The question is: "Should you really worry?"

And most importantly, how can you try to avoid it?

I'm going to try my best to introduce you the common potential dangers in Asia. To fully understand them, you need to know why they happen.

For example: I'm going to tell you about the conflict in Kashmir (Northern India), why there is a conflict and how travelers to this region can be affected/or not affected.

I appreciate your patience! :)