Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ticket to Safe Backpacking

Today I released Ticket to Safe Backpacking: it's a guide containing 99 pages of useful safety advice.

You'll learn about scams in SE Asia and India -- and how to avoid them, how to survive a border crossing, what to expect as a first-time traveler, responsible travel, health safety, money safety and about potential dangers in SE Asia and India.

To help you further in your planning, I've added three free resources which you can use:
1) 60 ways of backpacking cheap
2) A Master Backpacking Checklist (a revised one)
3) A detailed guide on how to find the right accommodation

I'm excited that my book has received good travel reviews from online travel experts.

You should check it out! :)

For more information, visit
Ticket to Safe Backpacking