Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going Back to School! :-D


Hehehe I just got accepted to "Høgskolen i Oslo" and for the next year, I'm going to read about development studies. It's about the north/south relationship and some of the hot themes is how we can help poor countries to exploit their natural resources. I'm an environmental gal, so hopefully I will learn more about the global environmental issues! :-D Looking forward to it!

But this means that I won't be able to write that many articles for Backpacking Tips in the future! I have to at least pass the exams you know :P

My main focus is to keep writing on my e-book. Yes, you heard me a very detailed e-book about how to plan a backpacking trip. Hopefully it will contain 200 pages and I will sell it to an affordable and reasonable price! :-)