Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amanda's Bucketlist

Everyone has a bucketlist. I thought I would care to join the club and make my very own list of things I want to do before I make my way to heaven.

- Experience Northern India (Varanasi)
- Get serious in Rishikesh, India
- Drink tea and enjoy the view of Himalayas in Darjeeling, India
- Go blue in Jodhpur, North India
- Go beach bumming in Bali and Lombok
- Get horrified by the komodors in Flores, Indonesia
- Climb a volcano in Indonesia
- Eat till I get fat and happy in Penang, Malaysia
- Revisit Ko Phi Phi
- Explore the underwater life in Koh Lipe
- Revisit north Thailand (Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sot)
- Gorge in Kuala Lumpur's nasi dishes
- Trekking and caving in Sarawak, Borneo
- Ride horses and camels in the steppes of Mongolia
- Spend a night in a desert
- Snorkel in the waters of Oman, Middle East
- Visit Great Wall of China and Xi'an (Terracotta Army)
- Eat dim sum in the streets of Yangshuo, China
- Go caving in Vietnam (Hang Son Doong)
- Complete an open-water diving course in Palawan Island, the Philippines
- Visit the pyramids of Egypt
- Go shopping, beach bumming and partying in Barcelona
- Let my hair down in Berlin's electronic night clubs
- Eat lots of pasta and cheese, and try lots of different red wines in Italy
- Watch the Northern Light in Northern Norway
- Mountain trekking to one of Norway's largest tourist attractions: Geiranger
- Shop till I drop and pop in New York
- Hike to Macchu Picchu
- Enjoy the beaches of Hawaii
- Visit Maldives before the sinking islands go down :-(

The Balance of life:
- Get a meaningful job
- Get involved in a conservation project on Galapagos, Ecuador
- Get involved in a turtle preservation project in Malaysia

- Run a successful online business
- Publish an ebook
- Publish ebook no. 2
- Publish eBook no. 3
- Publish eBook no. 4
- Publish 5 eBooks in total
- Reach out to 1000 visitors a day
- Reach out to 2000 visitors a day
- Reach out to 5000 visitors a day
- Reach out to 10000 visitors a day
- Google PR 3
- Google PR 4
- Google PR 5
- Google PR 6

- Master 4 languages which already includes Norwegian and English (so Spanish and French are left)
- Take a photography course and learn how to take great photos
- Watch more interesting art exhibits
- Attend the opera
- Fly in a helicopter

Last updated: Nov 12, 2012


adventure said...

Your bucket list rocks! I am probably going to take a few of your ideas. :) Hope you don't mind. Life is too short, why wait!

I just started creating my own online bucket list at The site is nice because it is super easy to manage and complete life life goals.

Good Luck on the rest of your list!

Amanda Jane said...

Haha thanks! :D