Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amanda's Bucketlist

Everyone has a bucketlist. I thought I would care to join the club and make my very own list of things I want to do before I make my way to heaven.

- Experience Northern India (Varanasi)
- Get serious in Rishikesh, India
- Drink tea and enjoy the view of Himalayas in Darjeeling, India
- Go blue in Jodhpur, North India
- Go beach bumming in Bali and Lombok
- Get horrified by the komodors in Flores, Indonesia
- Climb a volcano in Indonesia
- Eat till I get fat and happy in Penang, Malaysia
- Revisit Ko Phi Phi
- Explore the underwater life in Koh Lipe
- Revisit north Thailand (Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Mae Sot)
- Gorge in Kuala Lumpur's nasi dishes
- Trekking and caving in Sarawak, Borneo
- Ride horses and camels in the steppes of Mongolia
- Spend a night in a desert
- Snorkel in the waters of Oman, Middle East
- Visit Great Wall of China and Xi'an (Terracotta Army)
- Eat dim sum in the streets of Yangshuo, China
- Go caving in Vietnam (Hang Son Doong)
- Complete an open-water diving course in Palawan Island, the Philippines
- Visit the pyramids of Egypt
- Go shopping, beach bumming and partying in Barcelona
- Let my hair down in Berlin's electronic night clubs
- Eat lots of pasta and cheese, and try lots of different red wines in Italy
- Watch the Northern Light in Northern Norway
- Mountain trekking to one of Norway's largest tourist attractions: Geiranger
- Shop till I drop and pop in New York
- Hike to Macchu Picchu
- Enjoy the beaches of Hawaii
- Visit Maldives before the sinking islands go down :-(

The Balance of life:
- Get a meaningful job
- Get involved in a conservation project on Galapagos, Ecuador
- Get involved in a turtle preservation project in Malaysia

- Run a successful online business
- Publish an ebook
- Publish ebook no. 2
- Publish eBook no. 3
- Publish eBook no. 4
- Publish 5 eBooks in total
- Reach out to 1000 visitors a day
- Reach out to 2000 visitors a day
- Reach out to 5000 visitors a day
- Reach out to 10000 visitors a day
- Google PR 3
- Google PR 4
- Google PR 5
- Google PR 6

- Master 4 languages which already includes Norwegian and English (so Spanish and French are left)
- Take a photography course and learn how to take great photos
- Watch more interesting art exhibits
- Attend the opera
- Fly in a helicopter

Last updated: Nov 12, 2012