Friday, November 19, 2010

India in Feb and March 2011

So here it goes...

It's all set. Tickets are bought and I'm leaving for Kerala, India on
February 4 (2011)! :-)

Basically, we're going to do our field work in Kerala, working our way from Trivandrum and northwards. We have decided to focus on how tourism affects small players in Kerala, and it's going to be interesting to interview local Indians and wear traditional Indian clothing called churidar :-)

After that, we're taking the flight from Kochin to Varanasi, via Delhi. That flight ticket is bought as well, and we're leaving Kerala on March 12.

I don't know quite yet where my journey goes after Varanasi. Since I only have two weeks before I have to head home, I have to restrict the itinerary. I'm looking forward to reading IndiaMike's tips on train information because booking a train ride and surviving it is what worries me the most! :-P

It would be awesome to catch the Elephant festival in Jaipur on March 19th and the Holi festival on the 20th. If I make it, it would be great to stop by the rat temple at Deshnok outside Bikaner. But we'll see ;-)

So this means that I will be adding my destinations to Backpacking Tips Asia.

Kerala and Varanasi are of course on the list!

Only thing that's missing now is applying for a visa, and getting a travel insurance. I always buy my travel insurance through Gouda, a company cooperating with Kilroy Travels (which we bought the tickets from).

We're not going to apply for a regular tourist visa because technically we're not there as tourists/travelers. According to our teacher we have to get the 'Entry Visa' (800KR) which cost a lot more than the tourist visa (400KR).

Hmmm... this is going to be exciting! :-D