Monday, October 26, 2009

Adding Philippines & Hong Kong to!

My plan before 2010 comes into force, is to start releasing articles on the Philippines and Hong Kong.


I didn't go backpacking here!!! (it was a family trip in Dec/Jan 2009) But I feel like I still caught a lot of good things that should be useful to you as a backpacker!

An example is the Mount Pinatubo Tour which I think is cool activity to do in the Philippines.

Many travelers coming to Philippines go straight to the beaches in south, but they somehow forget or don't want to visit the beauty of the north! My parents are from the province of Pampanga (in the north) and it's just beautiful up there!

My boyfriend walked all the way to Mt Pinatubo, and he's going to help me write this article! ;-) I caught fever during this trip, so I couldn't enjoy it myself.

Other things I will be writing about are:
-- Reviews of the attractions we visited on Bohol Island
-- Review of Alona Kew Beach (Bohol)
-- Shopping in the Philippines
-- Lantau Island of Hong Kong

And since I'm technically a Filipina, I will write about the exciting (but sometimes strict) culture of the Philippines!

I've started writing these articles, but the newsletter (which will be released on Nov 20) is priority nr. 1!!!

So after this, I will hopefully be serving you fun reviews of Philippines and Hong Kong! ;-)